Aptera Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced on family farms in the Hania province of the Greek island of Crete (Kriti). The family farmers still use old-world biodynamic farming methods and produce their olive oil primarily for their own household consumption; taking much care and pride in the quality of their oil.

     In 1993 the European Union completed a three year research program called F.L.A.I.R. which studied the organoleptic (taste and smell) characteristics of virgin olive oils from various varieties of olives cultivated in Greece, Italy, and Spain. In this study the oil from the Koroneiki olive variety of Greece received the best organoleptic assessment of all varieties tested.

     The Koroneiki is the main variety of olive cultivated for olive oil production in the Hania province; the other delicious variety adding to the flavor is called Mastoides or Tsounati. The farmers of Hania harvest and cold press the olives before they ripen because the young, early harvest olive contains oil of superior quality and lower acidity.  This early harvest extra virgin olive oil is vibrant, fresh, and full flavored but not heavy. These factors along with the benevolent climate and rich soil, which are ideal for olive cultivation, the fresh air and water on a mountainous island in the Mediterranean Sea, and the extensive knowlege of the farmers of Crete (where olive oil has been produced for thousands of years) are the main reasons for the premium quality and flavor of Aptera Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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