Aptera Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aptera Olive Oil Soap, come from the Greek island of Crete (Kriti) where olive oil production first began thousands of years ago. Produced on family farms in the Hania province of Crete, the family farmers still use old-world biodynamic farming methods and produce their olive oil primarily for their own household consumption, taking much care and pride in the quality of their oil.

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    Many natural food/gourmet stores and supermarkets throughout the United States carry Aptera Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Oil Soap. If you can’t find Aptera in your local markets please contact us and we will give you a list of stores in your area or accommodate you with mail order purchases.  Aptera products can also be purchased on the web through many web retailers.

       Aptera Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in the following sizes: 500ml/17oz. glass bottle, 1 liter/34oz. glass bottle, 3 liter tin, and 5 liter tin.  Aptera Olive Oil Soap comes in a 125gr./4.35oz bar.

     We have a continual flow of shipments and are capable of importing/exporting all types products from Greece, the Mediterranean and Europe; including  foods, beverages, herbs, spices, essence oils, furniture, clothing, shoes, etc. In the USA our warehouse is in Los Angeles, California. Please contact us with your requests.


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